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Christmas is bad for revenue :(

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by blam0, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. scsars316

    scsars316 New Member

    yeah actually i couldn't make such money i used to make before xmas ,simply it was a bad xmas after all
  2. JKhoury

    JKhoury New Member

    Christmas is typically the slowest period of the year, with the New Years period closely following suite. I usually take this time to review my site, and perform any updates or changes I feel may be necessary. If you're planning on moving hosts and can hold it off, it's probably best to move around Christmas.
  3. ktaramabr

    ktaramabr New Member

    it's true, sadly people during hollydays stay with their family or friends and don't care so much about money or making money. :(
  4. Andread

    Andread New Member

    For me was much better, in christmas were more ads to click---ยป more winnings with referrals ;)
  5. blesszx

    blesszx New Member

    i wish next christmas wil be better
  6. great

    great New Member

    yeah it is true that in this vacation time people don't spent too much on web.
  7. designyourlife

    designyourlife New Member

    I find that summer is slower than winter....spring and fall are the best seasons
  8. advice12

    advice12 New Member


    Thats true that the revenue goes bad on Christmas.Becuase during vacations people dont spend to much.

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