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Discussion in 'Webhosting Offers' started by don19, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. don19

    don19 Member

    ECVPS provide vps services since 2009, offers quality and affordable VPS Hosting

    All VPS comes with

    - Located At USA
    - Semi Managed Services
    - Free Backup *
    - SolusVM Control Panel
    - Support / Sales respond tickets as fast as 5 mins ( in most case )
    - Free Directadmin


    Enter promo code OPENVZwhen you checkout and receive 20% OFF recurring discount (Only for Openvz).This will work for additional ip(s) as well. Coupon expires on 25/02/2012

    New Order Only

    Network Speedtest



    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover credit cards via PayPal

    Vps Plan


    CPU Limit - Equal CPU share ( 4 full cores )

    Disk Space - 20GB

    Bandwidth - 500GB

    Guaranteed RAM - 512MB Ram

    Burst RAM - 1024MB Ram

    Dedicated IP -1

    Managed Support - Yes

    24 hours Support - Yes

    Free Directadmin - Usually cost 10 $ per month

    $12.95 /mo - Now $10.36 WITH PROMO OPENVZ - Order now


    CPU Limit - Equal CPU share ( 4 full cores )

    Disk Space - 40GB

    Bandwidth - 1000GB

    Guaranteed RAM - 1024 MB Ram

    Burst RAM - 2048 MB Ram

    Dedicated IP -1

    Managed Support - Yes

    24 hours Support - Yes

    $ 21.95 /mo - Now $17.56 WITH PROMO OPENVZ - Order now

    Free Directadmin - Usually cost 10 $ per month

    More plan, please visit http://www.ecvps.com/vps.html

    Setup Time

    Once we have received your order, your vps will ready as fast as 5 minutes, if you ordered Directadmin the active time can take up to 24 hours, as we need order license form Directadmin.

    If you would like to speedup the active time, please do submit ticket once you have paid the invoice to sales department, once we have received your message, will active it as fast as we can!

    Semi - Managed Services > FREE FROM ECVPS

    we provide the customized configuration on apache,lighttpd..,etc.

    Firewall installation:
    To prevent your sever getting DDOS, We will install the Firewalls like ASF/CSF.
    It may lead you to prevent the DOS attack.

    Open/block ports:
    We will open/block the ports based on the your request.

    Change SSh port:
    We change the ssh pot for more security.

    3rd party software installation:
    We are trying to give our best in 3rd party software installations on your server.

    24/7 assist:
    We are very eager to assist you for all your issues.

    Server restart:
    If your server is lost/down and don't have access, We will restart your server based on your request.

    If you need any further help, please email to info[at]ecvps.com - we look forward to hearing from you.

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