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Fansite/Forum review

Discussion in 'Website Review!' started by Danaldinho, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Danaldinho

    Danaldinho New Member

    Hey, I created a fansite and a forum for my favourite rapper, Chamillionaire. I have designed most of it now and I'm just looking for comments on it and some suggestions on how to improve it, so If you have any, please do post below and let me know. I have been working months and months on this and i do hope all the work has come off, i have tried to put as much info in as possible too.

    Chamillionaire Fansite ~ http://www.chamillionairechat.com
    Chamillionaire Forum ~ http://www.chamillionaireforum.com

  2. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Thats a really neat idea for a website dedicated to a rapper, really has potential of being huge!!

    Your design also is really nice and appealing :D I think it looks awesome! Great work!
  3. Danaldinho

    Danaldinho New Member

    Thanks so much mate :D
  4. Ibanez89

    Ibanez89 New Member

    good luck ;)
  5. Danaldinho

    Danaldinho New Member

    Cheers and do you not have any improvements for me :?:
  6. JuiceMonkey

    JuiceMonkey New Member

    change up your header cause your background is drowning it out but not too shabby design
  7. JuiceMonkey

    JuiceMonkey New Member

    you need to get some adsense in there with such a bustling forum you gotta get some money for your troubles go to juicemunkey.com/adsense not trying to spam nothing here its free info but it will tell you everything you need to know about adsense and how to make the most you can with adsense and its all free articles.
  8. Danaldinho

    Danaldinho New Member

    Is this on my forum and website :?:
  9. gamer

    gamer Member

    I checked out the chamillionaire forum. You've used phpbb and it's a good choice. I also liked the header that you designed. It rocks. Best of luck to you.
  10. JuiceMonkey

    JuiceMonkey New Member

    a bit of both you want your header to pop not your back ground
  11. RaGee

    RaGee New Member

    I don't much like rap myself im sorry but your website kicks ass!
  12. powerlifer123

    powerlifer123 New Member

    I like it a very clean and straightforward design, the header also pops out too. Im only going to say from my point of view but i dont think the background image fits into it, maybe go with smaller lines or a gradient image such as lighter green to darker green.

    But overall nice looking forum also well done:)

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