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Get Paid To

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheBes7, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. TheBes7

    TheBes7 New Member

    Are these site's real good?
    Did they really pay you?
    I am in such site's but I dont have enough $ to cash out but I want to know...
  2. Dough Boy

    Dough Boy New Member

    It depends on the site. Some are legit, some aren't.
  3. sensovision

    sensovision New Member

    yeah it's all depends. Some sites done in a way when it's almost impossible to accumulate enough cash to withdraw them some are legitimate and would pay you. Maybe if you provide more details we'll be able to help more.
  4. anthrax1921

    anthrax1921 New Member

    I think bux.to are pretty reliable. ;)
  5. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Yeah I've tried bux.to before but they take a very long time to pay, apart from that its a great service!
  6. starstylers67

    starstylers67 New Member

    bux.to does take a long time to pay you but they have the most ads you can click to everyday and it takes about a month to get you payout
  7. euroster

    euroster New Member

    Adverbux is the best! They pay in 24h after your payout! And has many ways to earn money (games, ads, adverseach, etc)
  8. owyn_98

    owyn_98 New Member

    I agree Adverbux is the best. I got my first payout last Christmas and I got it in less than 24h after requesting. Lots of things to earn on the site - games - paid to click ads - offers - action ads. Adverbux rocks! :hail:
  9. guoleihit

    guoleihit New Member

    oh, I also think Adverbux is really nice. it must pay if you meet the minimum.
  10. petexx

    petexx New Member

    I knew a lot of sites that pays for surfing
  11. fayth08

    fayth08 New Member

    yeah,im using both bux.to and adverbux,so far,besides from the long period of time of bux.to's payout,everything rocks!!!
  12. petexx

    petexx New Member

    dont you believe me?

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