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Get Paid To

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheBes7, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. scsars316

    scsars316 New Member

    Not all of them paying ,but there a lot of sites monitors around the internet that can guide to to those who really pay you
  2. hachikk

    hachikk New Member

    does anyone know Yuwie?
    it pays you to blog, post pictures, and make friends
    how much money do they pay you?
    i dont know because its only my first month...
    but they pay you by a number ''thing'' called RSR
    they announce the RSR of the previous month
    for example, if the RSR of december is 0.5,
    i get 0.5 dollars for every 1000 page views...
    something like that.
    awesome website, kind of like MySpace, except it pays you to do all the same stuff

    just click and check it out. =)
  3. joseako1

    joseako1 New Member

    I think getting ptc sites rock!!!!!!!!!
  4. deltaavela1980

    deltaavela1980 New Member

    I was paid several times from PTC sites. Not much but for the free time is ok. But i think it's better to have one PTC site :) At least you'll earn more.
  5. rajeshnaveend

    rajeshnaveend New Member

    some sites are fake but there are so many good sites are there
    for example below site is the top most site
  6. rajeshnaveend

    rajeshnaveend New Member

  7. rohit3221

    rohit3221 New Member

    Yeah many sites have paid me.(I am still waiting to get 5$ in adverbux)
  8. hyuuga

    hyuuga New Member

    All sites have payed me (total 40$)
  9. reega

    reega New Member

    i still waiting for $10 from bux.to to be transfered....

    for me bux.to, adverbux, dailyclicks are good....
    just see my signature ^.^

    you have to get a lot of referral to get the money quickly...
  10. Ax00n

    Ax00n New Member

    This are great sites that have payed me (I can show prove of payment)

    Adverbux (2 times in less than 24h)
    JustClick in 1/2 weeks
    Paid.vg in 2 weeks
    Myster-e-mail (every week)

    If anyone want ref's (I don't know if I can ask here) just pm.

    This forum could have a ref exchange, it's very usefull and keep the members informed about new sites.
  11. nicksimec

    nicksimec New Member

    adverbux and advercash are very good paid me
  12. blesszx

    blesszx New Member

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