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Get Paid To

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by TheBes7, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. linkit

    linkit New Member

    Yes and not. It depends of what are you looking for. I got paid in some programs but in other not.
    You have to learn like all, good luck with your business.
  2. Nullset

    Nullset New Member

    I'm in bux.to website and also in a couple of more site. I have tried pay to read emails but somehow I didn't get paid by those website, now I'm on to PTC like bux.to hope i can earn money from this type of site. anyone can recommend me good reliable site that really pays? Please private message me.
  3. Oops

    Oops New Member

    Me too i need a really web that pay in a short time because bux pay in two weeks mor or less.
    SOmeone know any web that is good and really pay?
  4. gmbtx

    gmbtx New Member

    I suggest adverbux and dailyclicks. They are very profititable.
  5. Ax00n

    Ax00n New Member

  6. GooGsmaster

    GooGsmaster New Member

    i have seen many such sites
    and yes THEY PAYS a lotttt

    money making is very simple on net
  7. bummer12

    bummer12 New Member

    I'm in Bux.To too, but it takes too long...
    I joined some suspicious ones include icashout.net, Buxlat.in and Spainbux. Still waiting to see if they are really scam.

    The tried and tested ones are in my signature.
    Some others waiting payout are
    Adverbux - http://Adverbux.com/register.php?ref=14877
    Clix4coins - http://clix4coins.com/index1.php?ref=bummer12
    Paid.Vg - http://paid.vg/?r=bummer12

    New one I trust:
    Simplestash - http://www.simplestash.com/signup.php?ref=bummer12

    If anyone wants an exchange, PM me.
  8. teoxy

    teoxy New Member

    i tried bux.to too and same happend to me . Well that's life ... you shouldnt depend on others
  9. gamer

    gamer Member

    Get paid to post are the only ones which I made more than a dollar from. Get paid to click programs only made be a few cents and it was hard for me to reach the payouts for most of the programs.
  10. basu06

    basu06 New Member

    A very reputed PTC site is clixsense. I am a premium member there. It has a low payout -- $10. I have been paid twice. You can also earn from your referrals. :D
  11. bummer12

    bummer12 New Member

    Ibux.ca just paid me. Within 6hrs of request. :thumbup:
    Payment proof:

    The admin even replaces inactive referrals in 30 days if you buy their ref package. Think it's worth a try.
  12. Ax00n

    Ax00n New Member

    That's Why I've created BuxWin, you don't need to reach payout, you only have to reach $1, and I pay direct to paypal 50cents.

    At DailyClicks:
    You make 1$ in one week - BuxWin gives you 50cents
    In one month you make 4$ - Buxwin gives you 2$

    (This if only you sigup in one site of BuxWin, imagine if you signup in 6/7)

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