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Google Adsense

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by m1k30rz, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Adwords is Googles advertising that you purchase.

    Adsense is where you put Google's adwords on your site and they pay you for clicks your visitors generate :)
  2. joseako1

    joseako1 New Member

    I have google adsense, but can anyone tell me how to better promote my site?
  3. Ibanez89

    Ibanez89 New Member

    lol :luck:
  4. reega

    reega New Member

    is it still need Tax ID if I'm not from USA....
    I Still doesn't get it though, how it works....
  5. ktaramabr

    ktaramabr New Member

    i have a friend how is doing this. He telled me that he gets around 7.5 $ a day. it's pretty good money for a high school student in romania.At least u can pay out your fuel or gain money for college.
  6. blesszx

    blesszx New Member

    i have used google adsense for about 2 month.
    i get a little money.
    this is my site with google adsense,is there something wrong with my site?
    please help me
  7. linkit

    linkit New Member

    My experiences are really bad. If your webpage doesn't sell a lot they don't pay using an insolit reason always. My experiences with google adsense are negative 100%.
  8. Nullset

    Nullset New Member

    I've been using google adsense for almost 1 year and a half and the result is not that great I only made a couple of bucks, maybe i'm not doing as well as blam0 and other members here. maybe someone can give some information or pointers on adsense so i can earn big revenue ?
  9. walumwidda

    walumwidda New Member

    I like adsense. I used it with my forum And guess what........................ I received like $150 in 2 years. Yeah but I signed up under My parents so yeah I like adsense.
  10. gmbtx

    gmbtx New Member

    I have just started to use adsense. so I am waiting for its profits.
  11. cardlover1

    cardlover1 New Member

    ohh that helps! haha

    anyone recommend adword?
  12. JuiceMonkey

    JuiceMonkey New Member

    I make a steady $120-150 a month but thats only from promoting my sites since august

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