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Help me to choose the right decision

Discussion in 'Domain Forum' started by exabeesg, Nov 24, 2016.

  1. exabeesg

    exabeesg New Member

    I wanted to register a domain name for my website and not sure which to choose between .COM.SG and .SG.
    Does they make any difference? Which should i go for?
  2. ssotodesign887

    ssotodesign887 New Member

    I guess that would depend on your target market is. If you are focusing in Singapore, then the .SG should be fine. I think that if you want to offer your service globally, maybe a .COM alone would be best. You can always redirect .COM.SG to the main site.
  3. robert4u

    robert4u New Member

    I will prefer .sg instead of com.s because its short and easy to remember.

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