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Lets see your desk! It's where we make our sites!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by m1k30rz, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Lets see everyones desks! Haha, just a fun idea :) It's where we are all making our money making websites so we probably spend a bit of time there :p

    This is mine
  2. cardlover1

    cardlover1 New Member

    lol, I'm seeing a lot of usb!
    what are those pliers for?
    and love the stand for the phone!
  3. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Haha thanks, well I have one USB for my wireless Keyboard and Mouse (not in that pic tho), one for Bluetooth, printer, lots of other things.
    That was the day i built the computer so pliers were for the wiring :D
  4. avp216

    avp216 New Member

    This is my desktop/computer lair




    You have just seen my domain :D XD
  5. cardlover1

    cardlover1 New Member

    That looks pretty hot!
  6. L'poolFan

    L'poolFan New Member

    I have a laptop so the desk normally changes, eh? Most of the times the desk is my lap :p

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