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ModernBill v5: a promising release...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by WEBDOMAIN.com, Jul 29, 2006.

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    WEBDOMAIN.com New Member

    For months, Moderngigabyte announced the release of its latest Modernbill's release, namely "v5".
    Every entrepreneur involved in the web hosting business has already heard about this product.
    Modernbill, in its v4 version, is/was certainly one of the best (if not the best) ready-to-use application to automate the process of creating/managing/suspending and billing web hosting accounts.
    Few weeks ago, Moderngigabyte officially released v5 in its "stable" version and they are selling it as a finished product (also when they are claiming, on their discussion forums, that it is still in development).
    Since then, peoples are talking about this "late-to-come" version of Modernbill and most of them are complaining about bugs or lack of integrated modules.

    I would like to play the devil's advocate here.
    We all know that for only one satisfied customer's testimonial, it is usual to get hundreds of complaints. Every customer have this feeling that for each dollar invested in a product, he must get in return a finished-bug free-working product with a personalized 24/7 support and a complete team of coders dedicated to his own custom needs.
    This is not a customer's right; this is a seller's obligation to provide the best service/product available/possible. But come on guys, I hope nowadays nobody lives anymore in an utopic world.
    **** happens and often it happens where it was not awaited.

    From my humble point of view, Moderbgygabite did only one mistake: they tried to satisfy their customers.

    "Too early!"
    I mean, they first announced "v5" in the late 2004 when development begun efficiently in the early 2006.
    Peoples became excited by this promising new release and each day passed was a day less until it became available. Most of them renewed their 6 months support period because they were expecting this release shortly.
    At the end, nothing came and customers were getting frustrated.
    In a hurry, Michael and his team worked 48 hours a day (yes, you read it well) to regain on the lost time. They chose the best policy to calm down everyone: Transparency & Fanatic communication.
    Through their discussion forums, Michael answered as much as possible to all queries and expectations. An intensive feedback was given through helpdesk and forums. They also installed a live cam where each visitor/customer is able to see the development team working. I am inviting everyone one to visit this website. You'll see by yourself that these guys really deserve each cent they earn.
    In the meantime, v5 was released to calm down the growing pressure that impatient customers were placing on Michael's shoulders.
    Again, too early!
    Moderngigabyte engaged in the v5's development all its coding resources at the cost of the v4’s support. It was a strategic mistake though. Now, customers are complaining on both side. But, who never make a mistake should throw the first stone.

    Anyway, who should be blamed?
    Those who complained during months to get updates/improvements/new features (which are also those who are complaining today concerning bugs and modules integration) or those who tried to calm down the pressure and provide solutions/answers as fast as possible?

    "Rome wasn't built in one day !"
    This is what I would like to answer to Modernbill's detractors.
    Modernbill remains a fantastic product.
    It save us a lot of time and money in our everyday works. And through the time saved, we can offer better support service to our customers.
    The new v5 sounds really promising and it will propose a bunch of features that no other competitors are proposing.
    The new code framework will allow a better integration/evolutivity of the whole product. Through modules, its capability will be almost endless.
    Of course, it is not the cheapest ever but, regardless of the present situation, it will worth the money.

    "You'll get what you are paying for."
    When I look backward into the past, I can see what Michael has done.
    He provided 4 years long a stable product which remains unique in its market segmentation. He took care of each his customers needs and adapted its product regarding each of them (you'll only have to check how many payment gateways Modernbill is supporting !).
    I guess he prooved already how qualified he is, and is team as well, to give us a wonderfull product. This is only a question of time.

    I am confident and I would like to say: Keep up the good work guys, you are on the right way!!!

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