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Please revie my website

Discussion in 'Website Review!' started by ayan, Sep 7, 2009.

  1. ayan

    ayan New Member


    Please kindly review my website http://www.steps-to-create-a-website.com

    I am working on that site for 6 months now and have about 50 pages and still building more pages and planning to build around 100 pages.

    And also please take a look at

    http://www.twitnine.com, another blog of mine. It's all about Twitter and hot stories on twitter.


  2. toadarsh

    toadarsh New Member

    Hello Ayan

    I have analysis your website http://www.steps-to-create-a-website.com and finally come to these point as per your website your website based on website development services have home page pr2 but your website have not fit for SEO point of view because here are not proper naivigation for your website as left hand link are not in SEO friendlily and also not any h1 tags and also h2,h3 tag in your website

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