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Please review my mobile phones site

Discussion in 'Website Review!' started by genius, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. genius

    genius New Member

    Hello everyone ,

    Can you please review my site : http://www.rsgsm.com , what do you think about it ? what should I add ...etc
    Thanks a lot and all the best !
  2. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Wow great looking site for mobile phones you have there Genius!

    Welcome to our forums btw hope you like it here, feel free to get to know everyone!

    I think a nice logo would really compliment your design instead of just the plain text :) Good luck!
  3. genius

    genius New Member

    Thanks for your comments , anything alse maybe about the content ..what do you think is ok , is it enough ? Did you find anything usefull ?
  4. bhuvana

    bhuvana New Member

    Nice site!!!

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