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secure page problem

Discussion in 'Website Development' started by kateloe, May 8, 2009.

  1. kateloe

    kateloe New Member

    When I try to view a secure page, the browser complains that it doesn't recognize the authority that signed its certificate and asks me if I want to continue. Should I?
  2. SKP Global

    SKP Global New Member

    If you keep on getting the error message “This site is not secure” or “This page is not secure” coming up in Opera, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome on your Windows PC, we have a few solutions for you.

    Due to security reasons, whenever the safety of the blocked website is compromised you may get the message “The site is not secure” or DLG_FLAGS_SEC_CERT_CN_INVALID.

    It comes up on any version of Windows, but Windows 10 users are most frequently complaining about this bug currently.

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