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SeedCafe.info: µTorrent Seedboxes upto 1000Mb/s Connection

Discussion in 'Webhosting Offers' started by swizzle, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. swizzle

    swizzle New Member

    µTorrent WebUI Seedboxes


    Our Features

    * Supports Unicode Characters (Chinese,Japanese,Korean)

    * We provide the best service in quality and customer service.

    * We have dedicated servers which give you constant speed

    * Webui access which support all torrents

    * Connections upto 1000Mb/s

    * We let you download as much as you want and we would never delete the files you download.

    *Full FTP access to delete your downloaded files / organize them in folders.

    New GBIT BOXES 2012 Series increased bandwidth and double the space

    Un-Metered 100Mb/s seedboxes

    6 torrents
    30 GB HDD
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    $15 PM

    UL torrents
    80 GB HDD
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    $25 PM

    UL torrents
    120 GB HDD
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    $35 PM

    UL torrents
    180 GB HDD
    Unmetered Bandwidth
    $45 PM

    Metered GBIT seedboxes

    350 GB HDD
    Bandwidth - 1TB*
    torrents - Unlimited

    500 GB HDD
    Bandwidth - 2.5TB*
    torrents - Unlimited

    650 GB HDD
    Bandwidth - 4TB*
    torrents - Unlimited

    800 GB HDD
    Bandwidth - 8TB*
    torrents - Unlimited

    FTP included
    separate Utorrent WebUI for complete privacy

    *we support every version of utorrent

    *Only Bit-torrent bandwidth 'Upload' is calculated

    *Downloads via FTP and Torrents are not counted against your bandwidth!

    #All ftp accounts come with secure SSL/TLS access

    #All Packages are month to month billing and not subscription based

    #RSS Feed setup available on request

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