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Server Stability - how can I know about this?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Server' started by Hokenstick, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. Hokenstick

    Hokenstick New Member

    I'd like to choose a host that servers are much more stable than my current host's.
    My requirements are:
    HD - 350 gbs, RAM - 4 gbs, bandwidth - 4000 gbs
    Kvchosting.com was recommended to me as reliable option. Is it true?
    How can I know about the stability of their servers?
    What can you say about their pricing?
  2. KaltesT

    KaltesT Member

    I believe you need to look for more reliable options to make a proper choice. My recommendation is Newpush.com dedicated solutions. They are trustworthy experienced host with fast stable servers and professional team.
  3. Stampfer

    Stampfer Member

    If you are looking for quality server you should use Maxihost solutions. They are delivering reasonable deals provided by professional staff, you won't regret.
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