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Site + Forum or Just Forum?

Discussion in 'Managing a Forum Community' started by Curkz, Jan 22, 2008.

  1. Curkz

    Curkz New Member

    Hey guys @ AdminMania just thought i would make my 1st decent thread anyway here it goes.

    I basically want to make a social networking site similar to student.com except for aussies! Now here is where i hit rock bottom

    #1 i cant code for crap let alone learn it
    #2 I dont know how im going to get people joining up
    #3 What software to use ? Phpbb 3 looks alright?
    #4 Site design another program , Logo design
    #5 Site name?????/
    So yeh im trying to do a plan on notepage stating what to do with a and b but yeh its not getting very fair
    So which way would you guys suggest i go. I dont really wanna make a fancy site thats great and im paying for out of my own pocket with suddenly to see no hits... whatsoever

    Help me AdminMania Members Curkz is calling for your advice!!!

    Cheers guys and girls

    Curkz Out-
  2. RaGee

    RaGee New Member

    That sounds like a great idea man, let me try help

    #1 search google for "webdesign tutorials"

    #2 you will have to promote your forum by getting adverts, telling friends etc

    #3 for a new forum I say phpbb3 is great!

    #4 Umm Dreamweaver for HTML/PHP/CSS etc, Photoshop for logos

    #5 what about aussiestudents.com ??

    Theres lots of great information on thsi site too you should just look around a bit :D
  3. Curkz

    Curkz New Member

    well aussiestudents.com is already registered so i cant use that it would have to be aussieteens.org
  4. Curkz

    Curkz New Member

    Can someone help me out coz i wanna go on the 3.95 plan with deasoft.com for the forum but i dont wanna spend alot of my money unless the site gets hits.... HELPPP!!!
  5. trose7

    trose7 New Member

    Just use a free forum provider. Move once you are getting a good amount of hits.

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