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Website's pages not Indexing

Discussion in 'Website Review!' started by vivishrich, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. vivishrich

    vivishrich New Member


    I bought a site before 1 month. I have created some pages on it but it's pages not indexing by google. only home page indexed..

    I want to see my all pages indexed....

    So pls. can anyone suggest my what to do now to index all pages.
  2. toadarsh

    toadarsh New Member

    If you want your websites, all the pages are index by googly then avoid deep linking of your landing pages and added unique quality content in all the pages and after take help of googly Web Master tools, one more things is that the part of Navigation of website are have in right way. and also updates your pages and also home page link footer link and title,Keywords and description of website and finally after 10 or15 day your website pages are indexed bye googly
  3. sportgoods

    sportgoods Guest

    toadarsh is right

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