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What did you get for christmas?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by m1k30rz, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. sensovision

    sensovision New Member

    You're not alone, Dale, as my business aren't going very well so I'm working all the time including holidays, and know it's not that bad when it bring results.
  2. Dan88

    Dan88 New Member

    I love Nintendo DS! Lol I wish I got one
  3. L'poolFan

    L'poolFan New Member

    I got a cell (touch-screen) and an iPod Touch. They both rock!

    And I got a small "I love you" teady bear too from my gf.
  4. Dough Boy

    Dough Boy New Member

    The iPod Touch is so awesome. I'm thinking of buying it.
  5. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    You guy's are too rich! haha I want an iPod Touch but heck... I don't think I'd use it enough to pay hundreds for an mp3 player
  6. adverbux

    adverbux New Member

    I got a barbecue :)
  7. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    MMM!! I love having a good Barbecue! Have you used it yet?
  8. anthrax1921

    anthrax1921 New Member

    Nothing... :(
  9. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Really nothing?? Aww cmon! thats no good
  10. Malice1987

    Malice1987 New Member

    Finally got an XBOX 360. :) However, XBOX Live has been messed up since Christmas and I haven't gotten to fully appreciate it yet. :(
  11. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Damn! Hope you can get into XBOX Live soon I hear it really rocks!
  12. euroster

    euroster New Member

    I didn't get a thing! Well I don't need anything tbh. I am just happy with what I have!

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