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What did you get for christmas?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by m1k30rz, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. centaur

    centaur New Member

    I got pretty good marks for my exam on Christmas Day. Guess i am the only one here who got that present :D
  2. Abhorsen

    Abhorsen New Member

    I got a PSP. It's really fun, the games are great and the web browser is cool too!
  3. zhanglfmaster

    zhanglfmaster New Member

    I got pretty penny from my site
  4. hachikk

    hachikk New Member

    christmas seems sooo long time ago.
    i got a new iPod nano from my dad.
    and a new VAIO laptop from my mom.
    thats the beauty of divorce,
    you get separate gifts from your parents,
    and the gifts are really nice.

    i also got a new cell phone from my boyfriend.
    haha. now we have those matching couples cell phones.

    i'm NOT spoiled. :p
  5. hyuuga

    hyuuga New Member

    TV,cash,and clothes :D
  6. dommellenny

    dommellenny New Member

    i got a pair of gloves and a nice scarv...
  7. sjaak

    sjaak New Member

    Nothing :'(
  8. mr.jones

    mr.jones New Member

    Let's see, my presents list isn't too long:
    Axe touch deodorant
    a Pop Eyez -pen
    book with crime-themed novels
    Nokia N95
  9. noku

    noku New Member

    i had nothing.. lucky me.. :D
  10. pinkpuffer14

    pinkpuffer14 New Member

    my girlfriend gave me a nice shirt, my parents gave me a nice trip to hong kong
  11. walumwidda

    walumwidda New Member

    I got £90, a PSP with games, Got 300 MARCH TO GLORY, and Prince of Persia Rival swords, aftershave and of course CHOCOLATE. Who else got games consoles?

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