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What do you do on PC?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Garala, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. princemagma

    princemagma New Member

    I am doing some research work for my subject. Clicking some ads to earning website. Playing games at game arcade at adverbux. Chat with my friends and downloading movie and files.
  2. zhanglfmaster

    zhanglfmaster New Member

    Every day I spend at least 12 hours on playing games and web earnings
  3. hyuuga

    hyuuga New Member

    playing games,earning money and chat with MSE
  4. jykezi

    jykezi New Member

    I play games sometimes and usually reading some forums. I'm using IRC actively every day.
  5. hattiwatti

    hattiwatti New Member

    Usually I work and go through different forums, and sometimes accidently play, too (Mostly solitaire, tough).
  6. dommellenny

    dommellenny New Member

    i usually create web pages for own use or for some friends, but i also like to play games like COD 4 or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
  7. mr.jones

    mr.jones New Member

    I'm usually on messenger and sometimes I play games. Mostly I'm on forums and play Travian.
  8. sjaak

    sjaak New Member

    I'm talking to my msn buddy's too :D
  9. noku

    noku New Member

    i usually play games.. go to sites and make friends
  10. avp216

    avp216 New Member

    Well I am a Hard core gamer. I play games 24/7

    Here is the list of games currently installed( im such a show off XD)

    -Counter strike source
    -Team fortress 2
    -Half life 2, episode one, episode two,
    -Dawn of war, Dawn of war Dark crusade
    -Gmod 10
    -Age of empire 3
    -Civilization IV
    -Empire earth 3
    -Hard truck Apocalypse rise of the clans
    -Il2 sturmovik 1946
    -Generals and zero hour
    -BAttlefield 2
    -World of warcraft
    -World in conflict
    -Lock on: modern air combat
    -sid miers railroads
    -Quake 3(old school huh :D)
    -cortex command
    -like 100 mini games(scorched 3D, Warzone 2100, air assault, etc)

    Like i said , pro gamer and a show off :D
  11. pinkpuffer14

    pinkpuffer14 New Member

    about 90% of the time, GAMES! 8% internet surfing. 2% tweaking my PC.
  12. L'poolFan

    L'poolFan New Member

    Well, another thing added to my list :p

    Try to go on AdminMania everyday :p

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