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What do you guys think of Paid Forum Posting?

Discussion in 'Managing a Forum Community' started by Garala, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Garala

    Garala New Member

    I really think they are waste of money since you don't get the exact results are you wished for. Sometimes people get carried away with paid hosting, what I mean by this is that they don't do even a little more then the required amount of words per post. Greedy people nowadays.

    What do you guys think of paid forum posting? :twisted:
  2. Kel

    Kel New Member

    I used to do paid posting for people before all the money hungry posters started ruining the reputation of quality posters.

    The pay rate is so low now that people think its ok to write crappy posts for their 5 cents.

    Having a forum of my own now I dont think I would pay posters. Post exchanges seem a better way as forum owners understand the need for quality.
  3. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Yeah the paid posting used to be a good option to start with as the rates where higher, gaining more quality posts. Now everyones on the bandwagon and you can get like 10 posts for $1 etc..
  4. FunSiteMaker

    FunSiteMaker New Member

    I've always started up my sites with some paid forum posting, but its seems to be hard to find people to post, people who are doing it are doing it so cheap that nobody else wants to now
  5. Dough Boy

    Dough Boy New Member

    I still do this sometimes, it is hard to compete...
  6. sensovision

    sensovision New Member

    I was proposed to post for money but refused as was low on time. I've never tried to hire someone to post also.
    I also prefer post exchange, although I never make a deal with any forum owner about this, I'm always try to return favor to people who own communities and contribute to my forum. Some forum owners also did same thing for me although I never asked them so it's seems to be some kind of not official net etiquette ;)

    The only problem with post exchanges is that sometimes I forgot to visit forums periodically when got busy with job but when person appear on my forum and start posting I remind myself to visit his or her forum too :lol:
  7. m1k30rz

    m1k30rz New Member

    Yeah I think its a great idea to exchange with like minded webmasters, this ensures you also get quality posts because you are both interested in the same topic :)
  8. Nullset

    Nullset New Member

    I used to be on 3-4 website that pays the member for posting quality post, and I'm one of the members that have been paid, at first it was great for the members and the website, the admin was also please, the forum grew bigger with more members eventually those new members post anything just to get the 2 cents or 5 cents worth of posting until the admin drops the pay to post stuff on the forum and put like exchange banners or traffic. I say it is better that way to increase the traffic of your website. it is quite cool back then getting paid to post something useful.
  9. prontokev

    prontokev New Member

    I would venture to guess that after the paid-for posting is stopped, the forum progressively slows down and may start to seem abandoned, totally mooting the point of growing the forum with paid posts in the first place.

    It might come accross as a great way to grow your forum with paid for posting but the problem is that people that are doing your paid-for forum posting do not care for the subject of your forum, they have no care or feelings wether your forum succeeds or fails, they are there to be paid.
  10. JKhoury

    JKhoury New Member

    If you're after an honest answer, here it goes. Paid posting in theory is without question just the jump start some forums need in order to get the wheels churning. In reality however, finding people to submit quality and consistent posts at an affordable rate, is almost impossible. That's why I decided getting into this niche would be rewarding, and while it did pay well, in the end we were left with the impression that webmasters simply don't care about the quality of their forums, as we saw a massive slide to the competition who were offering packages at next to nothing. Needless to say, we checked up on these guys quality, and it was absolute rubbish.

    If you can get someone to submit something with substance, then I'd highly recommend proceeding.
  11. Garala

    Garala New Member

    Interesting responses. Keep em' coming!
  12. mountaineer

    mountaineer New Member

    I used paid forum posting, I spent over $50 on it and it really kick started my forum, got lots of nice posts and then people started registering after they saw the activity.

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