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Which Hosting is fit for my music site?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Server' started by Hokenstick, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. Hokenstick

    Hokenstick New Member

    Bellow is my wants... Tell me something reliable and trusted. Reseller hosting provider won't accepted. My budget 10$> per month. I can increase budget after 3 month. And I am looking for long term hosting where monthly payment is accepted (I will pay yearly after 5-6 month).

    50-60 GB/month Browsing Bandwidth.
    400GB/month Bandwidth for music storage.
    30GB Space for music storage.
    1GB more Space for script+image storage.
    256 MB ram (I will run 2 WordPress in one site with - 4-5 plugin+another 4-5 plugin default with theme)
    2 Database
    1ftp ac

    I've found several hosts: centohost.com , liquidweb.com and also exmasters.com
    Do you know anything about them? What provider would you rather choose? Why?
  2. Bobik

    Bobik Member

    Have a look at servers from legionbox.com and owned-networks.net.
    Fantastic Service and quick support! The value for the price is definitely high up there! They are perfect for those with lower budgets, and higher budgets, and they focus on making the most of the technology that is being used for the website.
  3. David Smith

    David Smith New Member

    The best servers can be got from reliable providers bodHOST.com
    Their support services are prompt and efficient. It provides a wide range of professional facilities, all in generous quantities, and at a fantastic price. These companies suit your budget.
  4. Chemicals

    Chemicals New Member

    You need to choose a hosting provider who's datacenter is geographically close to your target audience. Also a host that is fairly close to you, since you'll be the one accessing the hosting the most.
  5. Rolleyroll

    Rolleyroll New Member

    Customer support is always ready to help if you contact them. They are responsive and professional.
    Highly recommend Exmasters.com guys to other webmasters looking for super fast hosting.
  6. Glorfindel

    Glorfindel New Member

    Don't let other peoples experience decide for you, listen to what other clients say, and decide for yourself.
  7. bUngenOZ

    bUngenOZ New Member

    It's true, many people aren't aware of how inexpensive web hosting is.
    The key is finding a web hosting company that can provide excellent customer support.
  8. RadioN

    RadioN New Member

    Have a look at plans from reliable providers: hostingsource.com and legionbox.com.
    Full service hosting providers. Great prices, great support, plenty of tools to accomplish almost anything. They make maintaining my site very easy.

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