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Your own website

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by tongyun, May 5, 2009.

  1. tongyun

    tongyun New Member

    Do you have your own website? Is it for business use or do you just keep it for personal use? What service are you using to host it? How long did it take to get it up and running?
  2. misty

    misty New Member

    Can you believe that I don't have a website at the moment.

    I usually have three or four on the go at any one time, but right now I am not running any.
  3. cirereyes

    cirereyes New Member

    I own one site; it’s actually a blog site with a few ads and an eBay store. It took me several months setting up the site because I’m not a programmer.
  4. tongyun

    tongyun New Member

    Cirereyes, have you started to make money on your site? I've read about how all this money can be made through blogging but after cutting through all of the "make money now" stuff, it seems like it takes a while to really get started and making money. Is this true? Thanks
  5. misty

    misty New Member

    You always hear the stories about people making big money with blogs don't you?

    I like to write but have wondered if there is money to be made, or is the blogging world now overcrowded?
  6. cirereyes

    cirereyes New Member

    Yes, I’ve tried to earn some money from my blog. The huge earnings come from selling something on the net; I only earn a few dollars from Adsense and affiliate marketing.
  7. andrew25

    andrew25 New Member

    I am currently having two blogs, one is for personal use and the other is for business as it was a e-book store affiliated to amazon. There is not much income coming out of my e-book store and I am just running it for name sake.
  8. Machida

    Machida New Member

    Right now, I am the owner of a four blogs which makes me money from Adsense. I am currently hosting them all at Bluehost.

    I have started blogging for year now but they aren’t started the same day.
  9. Orrymain

    Orrymain New Member

    At the moment, I have my blog that is a combination of personal and business, and then I have several personal websites that are devoted to different interests, like favorite TV shows of mine. I am in the process of considering a new business website for a small, at-home business, but have not yet made a decision on it.

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