Changing Webhosts

Sometimes people are no longer satisfied with their current webhost, but they fear to loose all their files and data. Nobody wants to rebuild a website from the scratch, so let's see what we can do about this. Planning the transfer iis they key!

Preparation for the transfer - a small checklist
- your domain name (where is your domain registered? How can you login and change nameservers?)
- your current and your new IP address
- login username and password for old and new control panel or shell access via SSH
- login username and password for old and new FTP
- list of all email addresses including usernames and passwords
- list of databases, usernames and passwords
- list of installed software
- a FTP program you are familiar with

One thing you shouldn't forget is to make yourself familiar how things work at your new host and to try everything out, including but not limited to sending test emails and uploading files.

Changing webhosts - part 2

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