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Internet Message Access Protocol. A method allowing a client email program to access remote messages stored on a mail server. The protocol includes operations for creating, deleting, and renaming mailboxes, checking for new messages, message parsing, searching, and setting and clearing flags.

IP address
Internet protocol address. The standard way of identifying a computer that is connected to the Internet, much the way a telephone number identifies a telephone on a telephone network. An IP address is four numbers separated by periods, and each number is less than 256, for example,

IP packet
The basic data chunk that can be sent over the Internet.

Internet Relay Chat. Multi-user chat service. IRC users can go into public or private channels to discuss a topic or transfer files. IRC servers are connected into networks. Please be cautiois, many hosts are vary of letting customers access IRC because of a possibility of a denial of service attack on the whole network.

Internet Service Provider. Basically a company that provides its customers access to the Internet.

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