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    Cheapest Domain Registration

    I’ve been having problem registrating a name lately with GoDaddy so I shot them an email enquiring if there’s anything wrong with my credit cards and paypal payment, and below is their reply: Thank you for contacting Online Support. We are currently unable to process transactions originating...
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    Reselling domain names

    The domain name is nothing to shout about, I’m not even sure if it’s a good investment. I can't give you any promise as it's or just treating it as a hobby or.. ? Do you even have the time to develop it? domain which I’ve back ordered last year has dropped and was successfully captured. I...
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    Buying and grabbing domain names

    I was surprised as I just received an email from Snapnames (a domain drop catching service) concerning a *.org domain which I’ve backordered last year has dropped and was successfully captured. And since there was another person placing the same order the domain was entered in a private...
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    How do I transfer a domain name?

    If you have chosen another hosting company to host, or provide the Domain Name Server (DNS) for your domain name, you can initiate the transfer from Account Manager. You will need the two new DNS server names from your hosting company before beginning the process below.
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    cPanel is able to successfully do everything in regards to what a control panel is, and a whole lot more. Providing instant information on the server and account status, cPanel lets an end user easily and quickly manage their website. cPanel's is backed by WHM, which is the automated backend to...
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    A strategic question.

    I have a situation that I need some advice. I need to have some accounts spread over multiple and distant IP's. For example, I have 100 at Gator and another hundred at Zoom and another 100 at my own server already. I need about 1000 more accounts over then next 2-3 months, and 100 more next...