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    Forum Software Information

    I think vBulletin is without question a clear winner in terms of security, looks, features, and stability, and would therefore be the most effective forum software on the market in my opinion. It's definitely something you might want to check out, and there seems to be a lot of cheap licenses...
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    How to start up a new community

    Definitely a very good list of basics everyone should cover before getting started. I think it's also good to try and separate yourself from the competing forums, by offering a table of discussion they currently do not. Forums also tend to work well with viral advertising, and pulling off some...
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    What do you guys think of Paid Forum Posting?

    If you're after an honest answer, here it goes. Paid posting in theory is without question just the jump start some forums need in order to get the wheels churning. In reality however, finding people to submit quality and consistent posts at an affordable rate, is almost impossible. That's why I...
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    Has your site ever been hacked?

    I've had a few attempts at hacking a few of my websites in the past, however these days it's not as frequent. I'd usually have a good system administrator in place, and he'd give them a little rude awakening whenever they'd try to get in. :)
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    Blog Comments

    Blog comments are pretty under rated, and are a good way to gather back links. I've gotten a few clicks from them, which has been pretty surprising, and they're not at all hard to do, seeing as I naturally have comments to make about most blog posts I read. I'd suggest trying them out if you...
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    YPN, Yahoo Publisher Network

    I'd like to give these guys a shot, however they don't seem to allow anyone outside of the USA to join. I wonder when this will finally change. It's extremely pointless in my opinion.
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    So far they seem to be pretty good. I'm a huge fan of the diverse selection of ads they have for webmasters. I've recently come from Azoogle, and while I think their customer service is unbeatable, they simply didn't have the advertisements I was after.
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    Christmas is bad for revenue :(

    Christmas is typically the slowest period of the year, with the New Years period closely following suite. I usually take this time to review my site, and perform any updates or changes I feel may be necessary. If you're planning on moving hosts and can hold it off, it's probably best to move...
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    What ads do you use for your forum/site?

    At the moment I'm using Commission Junction on my blog, solely due to the fact that I Adsense doesn't pay out as well as I'd like it to on blogs. I'm also not very fond of the display of the advertisements, and often find myself overloaded with irrelevant advertisements.