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    Selling webhosting related premium domains

    Maybe time for a rebranding? Maybe time for a second brand? I'm considering selling the following premium domains: and .net and and .net
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    reliable domain registrar

    You probably forgot that you already spammed for Eurodns? Only proves the mind blowing iq of spammers.
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    do you know?

    Do you really think a forum owner will tolerate forum spam? Thread closed.
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    profitable reselling

    Like every business, it depends. Some are profitable and they grow their business until they are able to afford dedicated servers.
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    Hosting a domain name with VPS?

    What infos do you need? Where's the problem?
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    Perfect Discussion Board - Glad to join!

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    Glad to Join - proaxxs Representative

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    Dedicated servers in Europe?

    The question was from 2005 :)
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    Backups for shared hosting

    And if the company fails your site and your backup vanishes. Yes, even reputable companies vanished in the past.
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    How can make Money from Website?

    Google-Ads? Affiliates?
  17. Walter

    Do all hosts provide daily backups?

    Nevertheless, you should never rely on your hosts backup alone.
  18. Walter

    Do all hosts provide daily backups?

    Never rely on the backup of your host - what if his backup fails or you have disagreements and need to part? Always make backups yourself, either to your local PC or to another host/FTP account/cloud.
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    About our Services

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