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    There was a time when webmasters get ranked on search engines with the help of Cloaking but today, it is not. Search engines enhanced their indexing and ranking algo. Cheaters kicked out.
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    Do you get good traffic from directories?

    Directories help to improve ranking and Page Rank of your website but rarely drive traffic as a referral source because search engines ignore the contents on its SERP.
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    Keeping website up to date

    Updates are recommended but not necessary. Websites with unique content will remain on the rank while it doesn't update regularly.
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    Link wheel is best for SEO

    Excellent advice. Quality content is compulsory for website. Google panda updates effected websites which used copied contents.
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    Search Engines and Directories to submit your site to

    Directories give you result in delay but it is a good practice for the future. I suggest you to submit your website in DMOZ first and other search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Add live chat to your website to interact with website visitors.
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    Hi members, Please help me to review Its a large online portal of baby names and meaning. We welcome your comments.
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    free web domain name

    Select domain name carefully. Domain name creates an identity for your business so i don't recommend free domain.
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    Web Design Domain

    The most easy way to search web design domain is to land in GoDaddy website and put your desired domain name in search domain field. There is more options to select domain name if available. GoDaddy also shows premium domain names which are on showcase.
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    Live Chat Software

    Try Live2Support. It is one of the most recommended live chat software by users worldwide.
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    Excellent office communication software : CD Messenger

    Excellent office communication software : CD Messenger