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    DDoS protection

    No bro I dnt think most of the people provides that
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    special formula

    Ya thats something new for me as well or you just dosent describle nicely bro
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    profitable reselling

    If it's used from the right company than Its important
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    Free WP Themes by Andrew

    really amazing and refreshing themes all of them...
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    Perfume eCommerce Site For Sale

    Its a really good site looks amazing but I cant buy at the moment sory bro
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    Barware eCommerce Site Available For Sale

    What is the proof how can guys trust you on that its not fraud?
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    Music CD eCommerce Web-site Available For Sale

    Ya bro you looks a bit weak You are gona have full information.....
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    Biggest Google Cheque I've Seen!

    woow bro congrats really awsome I never earn money online I hope I will earn money some day
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    Market research is the first step

    good artical bro keep it up:)
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    Search Engines and Directories to submit your site to

    Thanx for the list bro It will gona help in lot of things :D
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    Start Business When you are Employeed.

    No bro I dont think so my thinking is If you are enployee focus on that area and be the boss with your hard work when your are starting your business that also can happens that your cant focus on your job and your graph will come down and you will be fired so I sugess focus on you job first If...
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    Keeping website up to date

    Bro the simple way to keep website up to date is to visit it once or twice in a day and make changes in design etc in every month or so so people can attract towords your website
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    Any google checkout and adwords users

    Ya bro It suitable in this section If you are moving here:)dont worry
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    How much money u r making ?

    I am new in forms so at the time not that much but hopefully I will make money one day I know that money not gona be that much but Its gona be the good for me;)
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    Are you looking for live chat software for website?

    Looking intresting I must visit that website because I love live chat I love trail part that you can try as well:)
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    CSS Layout or HTML?

    Without wasting much time off course CSS HTML is and good way to design but now days Its an old way to design and CSS is the much easier way for Designing as well...
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    history of PHP

    Ohh really good artical thanks alot for sharing it I am sure lots of people desent know that little and basic things about PHP thanks for sharing it...
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    I want to start a web directory

    Bro for script google is really good yo just have to find it froam there it will be really helpful dont copy all froam there just pick the lines and add it the script will be really godd and attractive
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    What do you use??

    I use adopephotoshop cs5 and Its working really well and I am getting lots of aplouse for my design;)
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    Site management tools

    some free tools ;)