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    PTC, PTP, PTS, etc...

    eh about paypal, there is a fee if you got money transfered from other people doesn't it? and it pretty big... can anyone explain this? btw if anyone care to exchange ref with me just PM, ok!!
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    Introduce Yourself!

    Hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! My name is Riga, I'm from Indonesia... i'm still newbie as a webmaster,,,, still building one, and have yet finished after a month,,, I hope this forum can help me.... thehehe
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    about meta???

    I'm building a website with HTML right now,, it's 60% complete,,, but I still don't understand how to use meta.... can anyone help Me??? thanks!!!
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    Google Adsense

    is it still need Tax ID if I'm not from USA.... I Still doesn't get it though, how it works....
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    Get Paid To

    i still waiting for $10 from to be transfered.... for me, adverbux, dailyclicks are good.... just see my signature ^.^ you have to get a lot of referral to get the money quickly...
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    PTC, PTP, PTS, etc...

    well for these program you have to very patient... espesially if you don't have any refferal under you.... it took me 2 months to get $10.... and another 2 months to wait for the money transfered... but well it really pay.... and i'm sure it will be better in the next 3 months, coz i'll get a...