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    Web Design Domain

    i have i don't know if you wouldn't be intrested but e-mail me at if your intrested
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    Custom Designs Or Codeing

    thanks alot, and alright just contact me when you need me;)
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    yes they are, and welcome to the community:)
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    Cheapest Domain Registration

    i agree with numba1stunna, i use godaddy for all my domains (only like 3) and have never had a problem
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    Custom Designs Or Codeing

    Hey all, just wanted to offer my services. I can design and code. I charge very little (i beleive in helpin more then takeing, but i can't do it for free) to see my work go to my site you can e-mail me at or hit me up on MSN at fsdesigns@hotmail...
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    Hey guys

    nice site guys, i really like the urs numba1stunna, love the forums espically. serseriyim did you make or buy that theme, cuz i think i have seen it on other sites. but it looks good guys.
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    Forums opened

    this looks like it will be a cool community, deff. putting it in my favorites:)
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    What hosting plans do you have?

    hey, i have for my site i have 800.00 MB space 10000 MB Bandwith 3 addong/parked domains and everything else is unlimited for like $5 p/month
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    Hey guys

    hey all, i'm kingdevil. Just wanted to say hello to every one. a little about me. I can code (php, html, java, etc) and design (not very good with flash though) you can check me out tell me how you like the site... lata all