Cheapest Domain Registration

Ice Cube

New Member
Aug 30, 2005
Which site is the cheapest?

I know a few people who have trouble with GoDaddy so i steer clear of them.

I use Register Fly but they charge $10 for the year which is quite alot.

Anyone know of any cheaper ones?

I prefer Enom - if you sign up as a reseller you get quite good rates (as low as 6.95) and their service is reliable.
I have used GoDaddy for almost all of my domains (about 10) just because of the ease of starting a domain there. I dont know it might be a bias statement since GoDaddy was the registrar for my first domain. I had never had a bad experience with them. Try searching google for the term "Cheapest domain names". Watch out though some companies require you to buy hosting packages for the nice deals.
Just ordered the domain, everything went smoothly. They said the domain will be done in 48 hours so im just waiting :D. Thanks for the tip on the domain company.
Np, like I said, I have many domains registered with GoDaddy. They are the only domain company that I know of that has TV Commercials ;).
Be careful when buying based on price. There are lots of places that sell below their own cost, but end up charging extra after the first year, or hijacking your domain for themselves.

Pay the extra to go with a reliable company, especially for features that you need.
enom offers only $7.95/yr if you have a reseller account.
I would recommend few more cheapest but reliable Domain Registration companies that are Domainsite, namecheap, namepro.
You can go for anyone out of these.