CSS Layout or HTML?


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Dec 21, 2007
I have been designing my sites in HTML for years but I see most people designing in CSS now, Should I convert my site or leave it be?
CSS can be a great way of designing your site but many people perfer HTML, Depends what you use really, a mixture seems to work the best for me :) Using CSS tags to control everything like fonts/colours but still the normal tables etc from HTML
It depends on what you know better i guess. personally i prefer HTML since i understand it a lot better.
CSS is much more powerful and accepted but I still do it in HTML because I do not know CSS that much. But I mix a little bit of CSS layout for my menus and the codes of my pages are so mixed up and confusing.
Go with using CSS for layout. There are many benefits one being that you can ultimatley change the whole visual look of your website from one stylesheet.

The others being that from separting content from design, search engines spider your content better. Along with using semantic mark-up i.e if its a header mark it up as a header in the code. Your website should be viewable to all text-based browsers and accessible for disabled users.
Without wasting much time off course CSS HTML is and good way to design but now days Its an old way to design and CSS is the much easier way for Designing as well...
HTML is used to create web pages and alter their structure. HTML is the most fundamental part of a webpage and can be used with CSS and JavaScript to generate more extensive features.

Style sheets specify the font, size, and color of a website. It also determines how content will look on your website in a single format. The World Wide Web Consortium also recommends style sheet language.

HTML and CSS help each other. The two uses are different, but they are stronger when used together. In the end, CSS will create a stylesheet that allows webpages to load faster and display a clear style and design for your website.