Hey guys


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Aug 29, 2005
Hey guys, I am new here, just registered. To tell you a little about myself, I run numerous websites so I know a little about webdesign, coding, and all related information :p. This seems like a board with potential to become big and im sure that is what the site admin is going for. Anyway thats it for now just thought I'd post a quick note and introduce myself. C ya.
hey all, i'm kingdevil. Just wanted to say hello to every one. a little about me. I can code (php, html, java, etc) and design (not very good with flash though) you can check me out http://fs-designs.com tell me how you like the site... lata all
nice site guys, i really like the urs numba1stunna, love the forums espically. serseriyim did you make or buy that theme, cuz i think i have seen it on other sites. but it looks good guys.