Comparing Windows/DOS and Linux Commands

This small table will show you equivalents to Windows/DOS commands under Linux.

Windows/DOS command Linux command Example Purpose
cd pathname cd pathname cd /mydirectory Changes the current directory
cd pwd pwd Shows the current directory
cls clear clear Clears the screen
dir ls   Lists files. ls -l provides you with more information
copy cp source dest cp test.txt /home/frank Copies files
del rm filename rm test.txt Deletes files
edit pico filename pico test.txt Edits text files
md mkdir dirname mkdir Creates a new directory
move mv mv test.txt /home/frank Moves files
ren mv mv this.txt that.txt Renames files
type cat filename cat test.txt Lists the content of a text file

Note: this table is for people who have some knowledge about things like directories, permissions and so on.
If you use a command like rm and you are not sure about the syntax get a good book about Linux!
Otherwise it is very likely that you will destroy your data!

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