best operating system for hosting


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Feb 17, 2008
Hello there everyone i am new here so i hope u will bear with me, i have decided to do my own web hosting , i know it will be hard work but sheer determination can achieve a lot so i dont want any one to give me any negative thoughts, the question is what is the best operating system software, redhat linux,or free bsd, i have already out rule windows because of instability and security.thanks for ur help Bassett :pepsi: .
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Jul 21, 2008
when you want to do a DEDICATED SERVER WEB HOSTING on your computer you have to know that's an unsecure way to take your website online.

you must choose an appropriate Apache server, that server will execute the PHP's Script an make the HTML page after send to client.
be sure to do daily or weekly update.

Install a freewell software to block other port than 80. it coud be the best way to secure your server.

-In other hand, the OS that you will use, must have no craching default, Windows Server 2008 ( i think the best ).
-when yo want to use Lunix...lunix is the faster and present a less craching rate.
-Free BSD: no knowlodge.

Finnaly, RedHat Lunix is the best and secure OS for doing his Host at home. :)


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Dec 17, 2013
9's an open source system and is therefore more cost-effective to operate and maintain than Windows, Linux runs most processes faster than Windows. Linux web hosting is considered to be more secure than windows and it is an open source system and it is more stable and reliable.

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Oct 15, 2019
There are two popular versions of operating systems available- Windows and Linux. You should select the one with which you are most familiar and comfortable working with.

Linux OS is a very sturdy, highly efficient OS which is also cost efficient.

Windows Operating system comes with its own Microsoft user interface, integration, applications and of course, SQL server.


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Jul 11, 2020
In large part, this depends on the technology you wish to use to build the site you're hosting. If you want to use technologies only available on Microsoft hosts (such as any technology solutions put out by Microsoft themselves), then you'll have to go with Microsoft hosting.

However, under all other circumstances, you should use Linux hosting. Why?

  • Linux hosts are better performing and more scalable. If you compare sites written using the same technology but hosted on Linux and Microsoft platforms, nine times out of ten, the Linux site will outperform the Windows one.
  • Linux is inherently more secure than Windows. Important if you don't want your new site pwnz0r3d almost immediately.
  • More large sites are hosted on Linux, or another Unix-variant operating system, than on Windows. (IQNavigator, for instance, uses Linux for some purposes, but hosts much of its production infrastructure on Solaris, another Unix variant.)
  • Because of this, you're going to find a lot more people with skills suited to working with Linux/Unix hosting than with Windows.
  • You're also going to find a larger choice of technologies for developing your Web site with Linux/Unix hosting. Many of these will be available on an open-source basis (unlike Windows).