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Blog Comments

Discussion in 'Promotion, Advertising and Traffic' started by Kel, Dec 26, 2007.

  1. frankliew

    frankliew New Member

    If you are looking for a way to start making money on the internet, and you have a budget that is very small or zero, blogging is a great way to get started.

    Blogging has become very popular lately. For one thing, it’s free. For another, you don’t need to have any technical skills what so ever to get started. If you can read and write, you can blog. So what is a blog? A blog is a simple web page that anyone can set up in minutes. People use them as journals, diaries, and sales pages, like you will learn to do here.

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    You will not make money overnight with this system, but over 2 to 3 months, you can expect to start making some decent money. Remember, the cost for all this is absolutely nothing (other than the cost of this ebook).

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  2. great

    great New Member

    to promote your site the blog comments are the best method.when we write the comment on the others blog the back links are created and that will help in attracting traffic.
  3. stupid camel

    stupid camel New Member

    Building qulity dofollow links is key to SEO success. However, it is not an easy work and there is nothing as shortcut to success. It requires dedicated working. Most blogging systems and software these days default to using nofollow links in comments. Many other sites with user generated/modifiable content also use nofollow links.
    So, if you are posting comments on nonfollow websites, the link to your site won't help with backlink building. However, if your comments are great enough to attract attention, others might click to check your website. So, it could still be a way to increase traffic.
  4. beubag

    beubag New Member


    The blog comment is the best way to check the information that weather it is correct or not.The second benefit is back links that will attract the traffic.
  5. stage518

    stage518 Guest

    I have tried, but the result is not obvious
  6. preeti22

    preeti22 Guest

    Though blog commenting is one of the best way to get back links to your website i also use blog commenting and it helps me a lot. But if you have tried it and not getting result then you may try other methods or tools to promote your site.
  7. ishuvonet

    ishuvonet New Member

    Anybody has a site or blog or even those who dont have a site or blog like to comment on others posts If they are useful to them in any side.

    I have been also using it as one of my major promotional method since the start of my online career.
  8. findmytap

    findmytap New Member

    Blog Commenting is really great way to promote your site/blog so this can helpful to getting more traffic your site.
  9. vijaywebsol

    vijaywebsol New Member

    I think to promote the website link building, sharing the quality content are the good ways.
  10. vijaywebsol

    vijaywebsol New Member

    I think it results in positive only for do-follow site.
  11. SKP Global

    SKP Global New Member

    Blog commenting is defined as a relationship between blogs, bloggers and blog readers. It is a great way to exchange ideas, thoughts or opinions about what people feel for a particular topic or a blog post. Blog comments helps the blog to attract traffic and makes it social.

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