Eurid big summer's survey.

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Jul 26, 2006
EURid, the official .eu tld registry, will begin this summer an advertising campaign intended to promote the use of its extension.The principle: show what the registrants are doing with their .eu .To achieve this goal, EURid will send soon to all their registrants a proposal to promote their Internet website. It will be turned in a survey-like:"Tell us how you use your .eu and we will promote it for you..."The hidden purpose is, of course, to bring a fresh air into the life of this extension.Everyone remember the Sunrise periods fiasco and how they were followed by a long period of complaints and law suits.EURid would certainly like to motivate new registrants to go in and draw a new image of this tld.This campaign will begin in Belgium and Czech Republic in July 2007."Winners" will see their testimonials printed on real banners. They will be exposed in the Luxemburg train station in Brussels, a place crossed by thousands of users coming from all Europe. .eu users, show your faces now ! ;)