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Forums opened

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Walter, Aug 28, 2005.

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  1. Walter

    Walter Administrator Staff Member

    Today we opened our forums!

    Let's share infos about webhosting and domains...
  2. NumBa1Stunna516

    NumBa1Stunna516 New Member

    Allright! Cant wait till more people come :)
  3. kingdevil

    kingdevil New Member

    this looks like it will be a cool community, deff. putting it in my favorites:)
  4. TechZentri

    TechZentri New Member

    hey, I just joined the forums aswell. I am a complete n00b when it comes to website development. I am pretty sure this will be a forum that I visit often.
  5. NumBa1Stunna516

    NumBa1Stunna516 New Member

    Welcome aboard. If you have any questions ask away.
  6. TechZentri

    TechZentri New Member

    Thankyou, you will see the n00bness around the site very soon :p
  7. yeahdude

    yeahdude New Member

    Good luck with your new forum!!!
  8. louise31

    louise31 New Member


    Looks like my type of forum I love sites like this and cant wait to start posting and finding out things from everyone.
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