How to redirect dead links in wordpress to homepage?


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Jan 4, 2011
I have some dead links and 404 not found but I don't know how to redirect these links to my homepage. I am using wordpress. Please help.. thanks
A broken link, also known as a dead link, is a link that no longer functions.

The best way to fix a broken link is to redirect it to another page. If you, for example, moved the contents of an article to a new location, you'll need to redirect it to the newer article.

To accomplish this, set up 301 redirects. The All in One SEO (AIODEO) WordPress plugin is the most straightforward way to fix broken links and set up redirection. It comes with a powerful redirection manager that lets you track 404 error pages and create 301 redirects.
If you find dead links on your WordPress website, there are several ways to redirect them. One simple way is to use the built-in redirection function in WordPress. This will take the visitor to the homepage of your site if they are on a page with a dead link. You can also use plugin functions and filters to do the same thing. There are also more sophisticated options available, such as redirecting all links that match a certain pattern, or even automatically creating new pages when links die. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it's effective and easy to use.