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Link wheel is best for SEO

Discussion in 'Promotion, Advertising and Traffic' started by 1paket.com, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. 1paket.com

    1paket.com Member

    Link wheel is strategy in which you create some articles on social media websites and link them in a wheel. It drives traffic and backlinks to your websites if and only if you are creating QUALITY wheels.
    Here’s an example of link wheel
    - Write content on your website
    - Create a bunch of quality article and post them on different social media sites
    - Link all these articles (published on your website and on social media sites) in form of wheel closing the link loop with your website's content
    In this way you link your story and pages back to your own website like the spokes of a wheel hence called a link wheel

    Scrappers are abusing this technique and creating wheels of spun and rephrased articles.
    There are mixed opinions over the legitimacy of this technique in the eyes of search engines.
  2. Jeniffer Maben

    Jeniffer Maben New Member

    Excellent advice. Quality content is compulsory for website. Google panda updates effected websites which used copied contents.
  3. findmytap

    findmytap New Member

    Link Wheel is best way to create Quality Link building and you can get more back link for differnet differnet site..
  4. Rayhenry

    Rayhenry Guest

    The most exciting part of linkwheel approach is to demonstrate when one's content unique to a keyword is directly leaded to a home page which not only delivers them information but also plays as a part of the wheel. It provides alternatives, and no matter how much individuals wants to learn about the keyword by search, it all brings back to the Main Home Site.
  5. rf-harris

    rf-harris Member

    link wheel is definitely one of the effective techniques in these days but you should not be using duplicate or low quality content for your link wheel work. You should always use high quality unique and original content for each of your article.

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