Looking for 1 shared hosting account with 5 IPs


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Jul 23, 2008
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We act as brokers for an important customer of us. This SEO company is looking for expanding and needs 100+ different hosting accounts, in different hosting companies. If you are a hosting company and you are interested in offering your services, please answer the survey and leave your email for contact.

We do have the following requirements:
# Data transfer needed: 1GB/month
# Disk space needed: 100MB
# FTP access
# Domains hosted: up to 5

We need to host up to 5 domains each on a different IP. The IPs can be shared or dedicated as long as they are different. Please give the price with the 5 IP's INCLUDED.Dedicated IPs on different C-class blocks is really appreciated. We need to host all domains under 1 account, we do not wish to
use reseller accounts. We do prefer cPanel hosts.

Invoices issued for your services need to have the following info shown on them:
# Your company name & address
# Our company name & address
# Invoice number
# Invoice date
# Service provided

Looking forward to your offer. Please use this link if you are interested: http://www.yourwebsupport.com