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Managed Wordpress Hosting, Where can I order it?

Discussion in 'Webhosting' started by Chemicals, Dec 22, 2020.

  1. Chemicals

    Chemicals Member

    I looked at managed WP hosting, thinking a 'cloud' option may let the site grow to 500 members or so & weather traffic spikes - and then I can move it to something more permanent. So I'm really not sure which way to go - and perhaps it's because I don't understand hosting that well. A distributed grid sounds cool, but does it work in practice? Is eventually getting a dedicated server unavoidable? What the hell do sites that have a lot of members and traffic do?

    What can you say about Hostingsource.com and Hostnamaste.com web hosting?
    All advice will be appreciated - I'm planning on launching my site, I need to get this squared away ASAP. Thanks!
  2. Karakas

    Karakas Member

    Good Wordpress-friendly hosts are hosting.uk and rockhoster.com.
    Great hosts. Whenever you run into a problem with your website, the technical support team is very knowledgeable and promptly helps you to resolve any problems that your website experienced.

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