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Marketing your (new) Web-Hosting Company

Discussion in 'Reseller Hosting' started by Mikey, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Mikey

    Mikey New Member

    So, say I want to start a web-host, hypothetically, how would I start?

    Well, I'd have to get a reseller account, but then what?

    How would you sell your reseller hosting? Advertising. Alot of it.

    Whether it's spamming your link to friends on MSN, or starting a google adsense campaign, and sing google adwords, you need to get that name out.

    So, How're you gonna do that? Simple, expect to have to put money in to get money out. Send the link to people on MSN, add links to it as a personal signature on forums, and in emails and private messaging services. Start an adsense campaign, use google adwords.

    Social Networking
    ! Get the link out on Facebook, Digg, Twitter and other such services, you'll get a lot more hits from bored twitterers or people on Digg, and for every hit, there is a potential sale, if I have 1000 hits per day, that's 1000 potential signups.

    Now this isn't an ideal world, and you're not going to be getting 1000 signups for your reseller hosting services, but you might get a percentage of those who signup.

    Now, These are all the things I would do, what would you do? Would you do anything different?

  2. Walter

    Walter Administrator Staff Member

    If you want to do advertising be prepared to pay a premium. The cost e.g. at Google for major adwords is pretty hefty...
  3. znetwebhost

    znetwebhost New Member

    You can use the google adwords , and an alternative adbrite is there. there are so many companies who provide advertising, yahoo..

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