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Quality Shared Hosting for ecommerce site?

Discussion in 'Webhosting' started by Hokenstick, Mar 19, 2014.

  1. Hokenstick

    Hokenstick New Member

    Need to know all possible web hosts that can be perfect for e-commerce web hosting services.
    The one I know is Aspnix.com, but just need to compare it with other ones and then make my final decision. Do you have personal experience of running your web sites with this company?
  2. KaltesT

    KaltesT Member

    I believe you should compare offers and choose the suitable one. Take a look at 27hosting.com services. They are providing cheap and stable hosting. Techies are skilled.
  3. Stampfer

    Stampfer Member

    I recommend you to rely on 27hosting.com, they have stable hosting solutions which work with no glitches and prices are competitive. Support is available around the clock and really helpful and professional.
  4. Morchan

    Morchan New Member

    Have seen really good ecommerce features at Aspnix.com - their hosting plans look affordable.
    The price is outstanding for the features provided, but in a time when hosting is very competitive, it's the customer services that makes the difference for me (and should for anyone).

    It will be a good idea to contact them directly and see what you'll get.
  5. chist

    chist New Member

    Sibername.com and ifastnet.com are good companies to host e-shops with.
    Servers have no glitches and prices are low.
    Their plans contain many useful resources which help to run websites smoothly and flawlessly.
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  6. Hron15

    Hron15 New Member

    A2hosting.com and iFastNet.com provide attractive and reliable hosting service which are able to satisfy the needs of many webmasters all over the IT world.
    Servers are rock-solid and their tech staff is fast and helpful.
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  7. Tolok

    Tolok New Member

    QHoster.com and iFastNet.com are good enough for hosting e-shops with.
    Servers are solid and prices are competitive.
    They offer 99.99% uptime guarantee, zero packet loss and 100% content delivery to your visitors.
  8. MaxiDed

    MaxiDed Member

    Haven't OP made choice yet?
  9. Tolok

    Tolok New Member

    Use aspnix.com service with no hesitation, they are respectable and have affordable prices.
  10. Stachough

    Stachough Member

    To become more web host–oriented read independent web hosting reviews that are known to be of high quality and the most up-to-date. They contain information regarding affordable web hosting firms.
  11. receiveracing

    receiveracing Member

    There are already many well-established web hosting firms nowadays that offer affordable web site hosting plans with excellent capacity and quality. This just gets to show that the market of budgeted web hosting is lively and competitive.
  12. Jennifer_9899

    Jennifer_9899 New Member

    shared hosting is the best web hosting if you buy for low traffic and small business website. because Shared hosting is the shared part of the physical server where you will get shared features.
    shared hosting comes with more affordable and less features. So if you decided that you want to go with shared hosting that you should choose the best hosting provider who will provide you good quality of features and good customer support.
    To run an e-commerce website you have to choose highly responsive hosting because on the e-commerce sites peoples takers so many actions, and that condition, server crushed is the most common risk.

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