Social media techniques


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Oct 15, 2019
7 social-media power techniques that I used to great success:
  • Up-To-Date Social Sites. ...
  • Quality Posts Every Day. ...
  • Follow Your Competition. ...
  • Always Answer Your Customers. ...
  • Be a Customer-Service Leader. ...
  • Show Your Face on Facebook. ...
  • Don't Forget LinkedIn.


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Feb 22, 2022
These are the Social Media Techniques you can use to get good traffic:
Ways to promote your content on social media

Promote your content on social media channels to get the most views. Social media channels, like Twitter and Google Business Posts, can help place your content higher in search results.
More traffic to your site means more people will be interested in your content, which improves the likelihood that you'll get quality backlinks.
How to create content that gets views on Instagram

Increase Overall Site Traffic by Using Hash Tags
Include hashtags in every article. Make the hashtags specific to the post, or use ones relevant to that topic. Check out our guide to find the most popular hashtags for your posts.

Target amplified content to get more website traffic.

In Rand Fishkin's Who Will Amplify This? And Why post? He points out that you should create content for potential amplifiers - not just customers. Such amplifiers include:

Post LinkedIn articles
With your content on LinkedIn, you can better increase traffic and visitors to your page if you post often.

Add social share buttons.
It is an easy way to get visitors to your website. Just add social share buttons, and readers can share the page they're reading on their social networks quickly and easily.

How to increase your website traffic with social media - use of share buttons
One option is the Click-to-Tweet feature. When using this, readers can quickly send a prewritten Tweet with one click.
Research the competition
Use BuzzSumo to find popular topics and make sure you emulate those kinds of posts to get traffic.
Use social media analytics for the best time to post your blog.