Windows RDP services?



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Feb 22, 2022
Many Remote Desktop services are available, Below are the features that help you select the Best Windows RDP services.

Unattended Access​

The ability to open up multiple remote desktop control windows comes in handy when you need to support several users simultaneously.

Built-In Chat​

Instant messaging is everything nowadays, and remote tech support is no exception.

File & Clipboard Transfer​

It is also an absolute must-have, as you often need to install applications or replace a corrupted or outdated configuration file on the remote computer.

Auto Reboot & Reconnect​

Being able to reboot a remote computer and automatically reconnect is one of the most important features of a remote desktop tool. A reboot helps bring the computer to a relatively clean state by clearing caches, flushing the memory, and thus allowing you to start anew.

Restart in Safe Mode​

In many cases, a computer may be seriously infected to a point where it can function only in safe mode.
You can easily reach this starting point by rebooting the remote computer into safe mode and running antivirus software to cure infected files.

Two-Way Desktop Sharing​

Let’s say you work for a software provider, and as a remote support technician, you need to educate users on your company’s product and its benefits. The two-way desktop sharing feature would be of great use here, as it lets you connect to a remote computer screen, share your screen with just one customer, or even with multiple clients at once.

Multi-Monitor Navigation​

If your job is to support designers or coders remotely, or if you have a multi-monitor setup in the office and need to access your machine from home, then multi-monitor navigation would be a real-life-saver.
With this feature, you’ll be able to easily view and navigate through any number of screens connected to a remote computer.

You can select the Best Windows Remote Desktop service according to the above features.