Webhosting Dictionary - C

Digital ID used for SSL transactions including owner's public key, the name of the owner, the issuer, hostname and the expiration date.

Common Gateway Interface. CGI scripts are a small program written in a script language such as Perl that functions as a glue between HTML pages and other programs on the web server.

A directory on the server where the executable CGI scripts reside.

ColdFusion is a server-side scripting language developed by Allaire. It comes with ColdFusion Studio, a visual IDE. Other popular server-side scripting languages are ASP, Perl, PHP, TCL, Python, and JSP.

Co-location (colo)
Putting a web server in a datacenter that provides high-speed Internet connection, security, environment, backup power, and technical support. Unlike the dedicated server, the client controls both hardware and software.

Control Panel
An online web-based application included in web hosting packages allowing you to easily manage different aspects of your web hosting account, e.g. uploading files, adding email accounts, setting up databases...

Used for tracking the number of visitors to your web site.

Crawler (also known as spider)
Software used by search engines to index web sites.

Cascading Style Sheets. A style-sheet determines how the HTML document is displayed by the browser.

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