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Shopping Cart
A shopping cart allows your visitors to collect your products together and purchase them in a easy manner. This is vital for any site with more than a few products.

Spider (also known as crawler)
Software used by search engines to index web sites

Structured Query Language. The most common query (information retrieval) language for relational databases.

SSH is a procedure to communicate with the server (on your account) like Telnet, but more secure.

Server Side Includes. When using a UNIX system it is sometimes necessary to enable certain HTML files executable for the purpose of using SSI. Server Side Includes are often used to run a CGI script

Secure sockets layer. A standard for establishing a secure communication channel to prevent the interception of critical information (such as credit card data). Used to enable secure electronic financial transactions.

Sub domains
A way of further dividing a domain name into several spaces, e.g. forum.webhostingtutorial.com.

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